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ANXTI Soft Toy

ANXTI Soft Toy

The "ANXTI Soft Toy" stands at 16 cm tall and is made of a soft fleece material.

Each soft toy has been handmade by Oana at so each toy will have its own unique differences.

As the toys are hand made, I wouldn't recommend them for babies or very young children.

10% of the sale of each "ANXTI Soft Toy" will be donated to the UK based charity Little Lives UK -

"Little Lives UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children who are disabled or disadvantaged."

I was particularly interested in supporting their "Someone to talk to" project which aims to "bring essential mental health services into schools in areas of London most in need. The project includes raising awareness, running culturally sensitive outreach and providing free psychotherapy sessions."